Korea Craft Designer Association 2023

K o r e a C r a f t D e s i g n e r A s s o c i a t i o n 2 0 2 3 Invited International Exhibition in the CANADA with the 28 participating countries

August 5 - 11, 2023 Opening Reception : Sat. August 5, 5:00 P.M Vancouver Korean Community Art Center 1320 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, CANADA +1 604-255-3739 Invited International Exhibition in the CANADA with the 28 participating countries

Greetings First of all, I am very happy to hold an international invitation to the Korea Craft Designers Association at the Art Center of the Korean Society of British Columbia for Fraternity and Culture. Society, culture, and design become the core languages of the 21st century, and culture and design creativity are central to national competitiveness. So now people are emphasizing the importance of their own culture in many countries and they are trying to promote a better understanding of the diversity of other cultures. This exhibition is very meaningful because people can have the opportunity to see various works and promote integration among artists at home and abroad. Also, it will be a great help to raise great artists in the era of globalization and will be a big step toward the development of the art field. I would like to thank the artists who have continued their creative activities with passion. We hope that this international exhibition will give publicists a great opportunity to gain new information and share cultural creativity, and that all participants will develop their education and culture with an amazing artistic sense. Also, I would like to thank Lee, Hyung Kyu, chairman of the Korea Craft Designers Association, for his passion and dedication. Furthermore, I hope that the Korea Craft Designers Association will continue to hold art and crafts exhibitions in the future so that cultural exchanges between Korea and Canada will continue. Thank you. Kang, Young Gu President of the Korean Society of BC for Fraternity and Culture

Greetings We are very happy to hold the 2023 Korea Craft Designers Association International Invitation Exhibition in Vancouver, Canada. It is also an honor to see the great works of 114 craftsmen from 28 countries. The International Craft Design Exhibition, the master of academic and practical design exchanges, recognizes the importance of craft and design. Crafts and designs are relevant to all areas of life, and this international exchange will help you find the direction and prospects of 21C craft design. In addition, we hope that this exhibition will be an opportunity to make in-depth presentations on the world’s craft blending and various approaches to global trends in society. Now we have to think about the meaning of crafts and realize that it is the mission of craftsmen to create a better world. With this opportunity, the Korea Craft Designers Association will make more efforts to communicate with the world by activating exhibitions and exchanges with various countries based on a firm identity of our craft culture. I also hope that local communities and Canadian artists will have an opportunity to experience Korea’s beautiful artifacts and cultural heritage. I would like to sincerely thank the craftsmen from all over the world and the members of the Korea Craft Designers Association for participating in this exhibition. Lastly, I would like to thank all the staff, including Kang, Young Gu, chairman of the Korean Association in Vancouver, for sponsoring the successful exhibition. Lee, Hyung Kyu Chairman of the Korea Craft Designers Association

006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 030 031 Ahn, Zean-ho Ana Calbucci Ariel Lavian Arijana Gadzijev Bas Bouman Bashirov Serzhan Chang, Chin-hee Cho, Bae-moon Cho, Moon-hwan Cho, Wan-hee Choi, Ji-young Choi, Ju-yeon Choi, Yoon-jung Chung, A-young Chung, Chan-joo Chung, Eun-hyun Chung, Hyun-kyung Dimitrina Daneva Elisabeth Habig Eom, Kyoung-hee Eom, Tae-kyoung Fabiana Gadano Francesca Pennesi Go, Su-Hwa Yumi Hogan Han, Kyoung-mi Han, Min-suk Hannah Shun Hwang, Su-ji Hwang, Sun-wook Im, Hye-sook Jang, Hyeon-jin Jang, Yong-man Jeon, Seo-young Jeong, Ji-eun Jeoung, Gen-young Joani Groenewald Kamile Staneliene Kang, Bong-im Kang, Sung-wook Kanno Yasushi Karim Oukid Khajornsak Nakpan Kil, Tae-yun Kim, Dong-gwi Kim, Dong-yeon Kim, Hee-gyun Kim, Hye young Kim, Hyung-joo Kim, Joo-yeon Kim, Jun-hyeop Kim, Min-kyoung Artists Index

032 033 034 035 036 037 038 039 040 041 042 043 044 045 046 047 048 049 050 051 052 053 054 055 056 057 058 059 060 061 062 Kim, Moon-bae Kim, Na-young Kim, Sung-min Kim, Yoon-hee Kim, Young-ock Kinga Sulej Kwak, Seong-hee Kwak, Tae-hyeuk Lee, Chi-youn Lee, Da-hye Lee, Dong-youl Lee, Geon-man Lee, Hye-jin Lee, Hyung-kyu Lee, Jeom-chan Lee, Jong-boon Lee, Jung-eun Lee, Kwang-jin Lee, Kwan-seop Lee, Mi-kyung Lee, Min-kyoung Lim, Bok-sil Lim, byeong-deok Lorena Lazard Marion Delarue Matilde Mozzanega Moon, Eun-A Nam, You-jin Niu ChenXu Oh, Bok-sik Pallavi Verma Pamela de la Fuente Park, Eun-joo Park, Jeong-cheol Park, Kyoung-woo Park, Sang-oh Park, So-Hyoung Park, Song-mi Park, Yang-hwa Rikke Lunnemann Seo, Ai-ran Shin, Gi-eun Shin, Hee-kyung Shin, Jung-hei Song, Eun-sil Song, Gyae-young Song, Shin-hye Sweet Young-Hee Shin Tamara Trusova Tetyana kalzyuhna Um, So-hee Wiebke Pandikow Xu Huixuan Yang, Hee-sook Yeon, Hyun-joo Yiota Vogli Yoon, Jae-won Yoon, Se-hwan Zhang Rui Zhao Fengru Kang, Mi-seon Kim, Ga-min

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Les Roses de Nuit 2023 420x594 mm | polyester, thermal transfer printing Ahn, Zean-ho KOREA | zinotexmoda@ynu.ac.kr Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), Paris, France Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, Philadelphia, USA 18 times of Solo Exhibition (Daegu, Daejeon, Jeonju, Seoul, Tokyo) 2017-2018 Visiting Scholar of Jefferson University, Pennsylvania, USA 2019-2020 Dean of College of Design and Art, Yeungnam University Professor, College of Arts, Yeungnam University Invitation Designer named by DAEGU DESIGN EXHIBITION AWARD Candy Crush Rings Polimerclay, herkimmer quartz, glass micro spheres , epoxy resin and silver Ana Calbucci BRAZIL | anacalbucci@gmail.com 1981-1985. Bachelor Degree in Architecture and Design, University of São Paulo, Brazil. 2008-2017. Jewellery Course, Atelier School Renato Camargo, São Paulo, Brazil 2017. Jewellery Tecniques, Intensive Courses, Alchimia School, Firenze, Italy Exhibitions: Joya Barcelona 2018, Spain, ll Biennial of latin American contemporary jewelry, Argentina, Tincal lab, Portugal, Collectiva Meeting Portugal, Beijin International Jewelry Arte Exhibition, Beijin,Brazil-Finland, A Casa Museum, Brazil, Mapa Feria Argentina, Aterrar, Fabular Mutar Exhibition, Prize of artistic Merit Divino Gioielli Italy, Brazil Jewelry Week 06

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Depths of Heaven 2.0 370x373x224 mm | Copper, Brass, Sterling silver Ariel Lavian ISRAEL | 34ariel@gmail.com 2014-2016 MD in Industrial Design at Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design. 2008-2012 B.F.A at Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design, Dept. of Fashion and Jewelry. 2019 Co-Creator of the “Handshake Project” group in Israel 2018 AJF Ambassador, Art Jewelry Forum ambassador, Israel Slovanka – printed textile jewelry for body and home 240x300x40 mm | Printed woven fabric, adhesive cotton fabric, colored metal eyelets Arijana Gadžijev SLOVENIA | arijana.gadzijev@gmail.com 2006-2009, Master of Arts in Textile and Fashion Design, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2000-2006 Bachelor’s degree in Textile and Fashion Design, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2014-present, Assistant, Chair of Textile and Fashion Design, Department of Textiles, Graphics Arts and Design, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2009 - present, Independent textile designer and artist 07

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A 1976 230x50x540 mm | Wood Bas Bouman NETHERLANDS | basbouman76@hotmail.com 1996-2001 Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht, NL 2002-2004 Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, NL broch «Two» 40x5x60 mm | wood, silver, carnelian, lapis lazuli Bashirov Serzhan KAZAKHSTAN | serzhankz@inbox.ru 1980-1984 Almaty Arts College named after Gogol 1984-1991 Almaty Theatre-Arts University (sculpture) 1991 - 2003 National Arts College 2008 - 2014 Zhurgenev National Academy of Arts, Almaty, Kazakhstan 2014 - 2019 Kazakh National University of Arts, Astana, Kazakhstan 2020 - Present AIU: Astana International University, Astana, Kazakhstan 08

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Victory 50x23x6 mm | 925silver, chalcedony Chang, Chin-hee KOREA | ineyejin@naver.com B.F.A. Department of Metal Craft at Wonkwang University M.F.A. Department of Metal Design at Hongik University Ph.D. Department of Gem& Jewelry Design at Wonkwang University Present : Jewelry Designer / GIA G.G A part-time instructor Wonkwang University check2023 Cho, Bae-moon KOREA | zovaemoon@naver.com Professor of Textile Design Major at Keimyung University BFA Department of Textile Design at Konkuk University MFA Department of Textile Design & Innovation at Nottingham Trent University PhD Department of Textile Design at Konkuk University 09

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A a wobbly flower 420x595 mm | textile (t/c), digital printing Cho, Moon-hwan KOREA | cmh@yuhan.ac.kr Director, Chief Executive Officer, NEO DTP Director, Advisor, Yuhan-Kimberly.lLid Adjundt Professor Artistic Crafts at Chung-Ang University Department of i-Fashion Design at Yuhan College Unfamiliar Familiarity_III_#2 90x100x65 mm | Resin, Sterling Silver Cho, Wan-hee KOREA | wanycraft@gmail.com Non-tenure track Assistant Professor, Dankook University, Korea 2022 Ph.D. Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, Matal Art and Design 2016 MA. San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, USA Jewelry and Metalwork 2010 BFA Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA, Metal Crafts and Jewelry Design 2023 Unfamiliar Familiarity 5th Solo Exhibition, Crafts on the Hill Gallery, Seoul, Korea 10

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A M-BAG202305 150x60x300 mm | leather, metal accessories Choi, Ji-young KOREA | miso0526@naver.com (BA, MA) Chung-Ang University, major of Arts Crafts (Ph.D. Candidate) Chung-Ang University, Department of Design 2 Solo Exhibition, 85 times group exhibitions inside and outside of South Korea Present) Subcommittee member of the Korea Textile Design Association Subcommittee member of the Korea Craft Association Dankook University, Chung-Ang University Lecturer ISO.J CEO Teapot 150x105x125 mm | porcelain Choi, Ju-yeon KOREA | cera-chjy@hanmail.net B.F.A. Department of Environmental Design at Osaka Sangyo University M.F.A. Department of Environmental Design at Osaka Sangyo University Ceramic-team of Kyoto Municipal Industrial Research Institute (Training) 7Times Solo Exhibitions Assistant Professor, Department of Ceramic Design, Mokwon University 11

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Breath series_ Beginning of Life #011 75x30x120 mm | Silver 925, Special plastic Choi, Yoon-Jung KOREA | cyoonj0407@gmail.com 2022 Ph.D Hongik University, Design and Craft, Seoul, Korea 2010 M.F.A. Metal art and design department, Hongik university, Seoul, Korea 2005 B.F.A. Metal art and design department, Hongik university, Seoul, Korea 10 times solo exhibitions, many times group exhibitions 2020 Arte y Joya International Award: Finalists 32, Online Exhibition, Spain 2020 New Taipei City International Metal Craft Competition, Win an Honorable Mention, Gold Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan 2019 ITAMI International Jewellery Exhibition, Judge”fs Choice Award Winner, Museum of Art & Crafts Itami, Itami, Japan Untitled 35x20x30 mm | 925 Silver, Y.Gold plated Chung, A-Young KOREA | ay7347@hanmail.net PROFESSOR IN THE JEWELRY DESIGN DEPARTMENT AT INDUK UNIV. 2011 Ph. D (ABD) in METAL JEWELRY DESIGN GRADUATE SCHOOL OF TECHNO DESIGN KOOKMIN UNIV. 2002 MFA in METALS STATE UNIVERCITY OF NEW YORK at NEW PALTZ GRADUATE SCHOOL 2000/1997 MFA/BFA SOOKMYUNG WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY 12

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Quilted Crossbody -Picnic1 250x100x250 mm | cotton fabric, cotton batting, polyester thread, cotton thread, leather strap, zipper Chung, Chan-joo KOREA | cjch@shingu.ac.kr 1985. 02. Clothing and Textiles, Seoul National University (BA) 1987. 02. Clothing and Textiles, Seoul National University (MA) 1996. 08. Clothing and Textiles, Seoul National University (Ph.D) The Korean Home Economics Association(Director) The Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles(Member) The Society of Korean Traditional Costume(Director) 1991- , Shingu College Professor Garden 23-07 60x100 mm | wire, silver, mixed materials Chung, Eun-hyun KOREA | ehcc1316@silla.ac.kr The B.S, Art Craft and The M.D, Industrial Art Craft in Graduate School of Industrial Arts at Hongik Univ. Ph.D Candidate, Graduate School of Design at Hanyang Univ. 15 Solo Exhibitions and 200 group exhibitions during 1991 ~ 2023 Member, Korean Fine Arts Association, Hongik Metal Artist Association, Korean Crafts Council, Korea Professor, Department of Precious Metals & Jewel Design, Silla University, Busan 13

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Digital Space-II 420x590 mm | UV print on paper Chung, Hyun-kyung KOREA | jade0726@naver.com 1985 Graduated from Han Yang University B.F.A. 1987 Graduated from Han Yang University Graduated school M.F.A. 1992.2~2017 Eight Solo Exhibition (Seoul, Daejeon, San Diego, NewYork) 2013 The 40th Korean Crafts Council Exhibition, Kepco art center gallery, Seoul 2017 2017 Invited Winter International Design Exhibition of the Korean Society of Design Culture, Taiwan Present, Professor of Industrial Design at Joongbu University Adaptation Silver 925, patina, semiprecious stones, silver powder. Dimitrina Daneva BULGARIA | kasiopeya.jewellery@gmail.com Bachelor of Science in Geology- 2004-2009 / Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski / MSc in Gemology- 2009- 2012 / Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski 28-29 May 2022- Participation in AUTOR - International contemporary jewelry fair AUTOR 2022 5-9 October 2022- participation in International exhibition Romanian Jewellery week 2022 Jewellery designer 14

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Globetrotter Collection diamond, 14k yellow gold Elisabeth Habig AUSTRIA Jewelry Designer Make and Remake 420x594 mm | Silk, Digital Textile Printing Eom, Kyoung-hee KOREA | sahara@hanyang.ac.kr Ph.D. Hanyang University M.F.A. Syracuse University in USA M.F.A. Hanyang University President/ Korea Textile Design Association Vice President/ Korea Craft Designer’s Association Vice President/ The Korea Society of Design Culture Professor/ Department of Jewelry·Fashion Design at Hanyang Univ. 15

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A June 2023 420x594 mm | Digital Printing Eom, Tae-kyoung KOREA | tkeom0504@gmail.com Ph.D., Department of Surface & Interior Design, Hanyang University Lecturer, Department of Jewelry & Fashion Design, Hanyang University Director, Textile Fashion CAD, Modern High Tech Co., Ltd Director, Korea Textile Design Association Member, Korean Society of Design and Culture Member, Korea Craft Designers Association Blossoming brooch 115x60x70 mm | Recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles, plated brass and sterling silver Fabiana Gadano ARGENTINA | fabianagadano@gmail.com Fabiana Gadano was born in Argentina in 1963. Diplomated as Industrial Designer and Art Curator, her concern about the degraded environment due to plastic pollution fueled her creative quest to experiment with non-traditional jewelry materials, such as recycled plastics. Many books featured her jewellery. Some are New Rings, Thames & Hudson, 2016; Eclat. Masters of New Jewellery Design, Promopress, Spain, 2014; I Love You, Designersbooks, China, 2011 and 500 Silver Jewelry Designs, Lark Books, USA, 2010. 16

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Even Cherries Cry 100x70x10 mm | Resin, plexiglass, steel Francesca Pennesi ITALY | pennesi.francesca@gmail.com I studied fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts and I specialized in the sculptural study of Classic Jewellery in Milan (Accademia Orafa Ambrosiana) with a focus on the contemporary one in Florence (Alchimia Contemporary School). I worked for three years on a beachwear company where I dealt with the design and realization of some parts of these. After that I opened a small shoe brand where I was the designer. I currently work by designing, experimenting and making my jewels. Teapot 145x125x195 mm | white porcelain, firewood kiln Go, Su-Hwa KOREA | suhwa3221@naver.com Ph.D. Graduate school Dan Kook University M.F.A Graduate school Dan Kook University Special Residence Artist, Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum Tradition Studio Collector’s Choices Award, The 8th Taiwan International Gold Teapot Prizes Solo Exhibition-5 times, Group Exhibition-52 times Present, Lecturer of Dankook University C.E.O, Studio “Da-pyul” 17

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Nature’s Ensemble 1 245x370 mm | Asian Pigment and Acrylic on Hanji Paper Yumi Hogan U.S.A | www.yumihogan.com MFA, American University, Washington, D.C BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Baltimore, MD Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts, Konkuk University, Seoul, Republic of Korea Current: Adjunct Professor, Drawing Department Maryland Institute College of Art Jang Gun Byeong 120x90x150, 105x100x130 mm | Ceramics Han, Kyoung-mi KOREA | 777mill@naver.com Graduated from Korea Polytechnic Department of Industrial Design Ceramic Technician’s License Operation of Pottery Workshop Where the heart stays 4 exhibitions Awarding in Gyeyang Grand Art Exhibition 2020 Participate in KCDA 2021 Win an Encouragement Award in an Incheon International Design Fair 2022 18

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A flora23-5 50x100x20 mm | 24k gold, sterling silver, turquoise Han, Min-suk KOREA | minsukhan@naver.com Ph. D. / Professor, Department of Jewelry design, Jangan University Member of Korea Craft Designer Association Metal Department Director of Korean Fine Arts Association Society of Chohyung Metalsmiths Metal Department Director of Seoul Fine Arts Association Songs of Joy 76x25x50 mm | sterling silver Hannah Shun U.S.A | hannah.shun@gmail.com 1990-1994 BFA in Illustration from California College of the Arts, USA 2022 Presented the workshop at the annual School of the Future (SOFT) Conference in Oahu, Hawaii 2022 Received Merit Award in Metal Arts at Hawai’i Craftsmen Annual Statewide juried Exhibition 2022 2022 Presented the workshop at the National Art Education Association Conference in NY 2020- 2022 Judge in Annual Hawaii Regional Scholastic Art Awards 2022 Group Journeys Exhibition at Pauahi Tower Lobby in Oahu, Hawaii 19

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Journey 420x120x320 mm | Leather and Canvas Hwang, Su-ji KOREA | totenine@hanmail.net 1986~1998 <NADERY COLLECTION> DESIGN MANAGER 1999~2003 <ARRANGE CO.,LTD.> DESIGN DIRECTOR 2004~2005 <SHINALAND.,LTD.> DESIGN DIRECTOR 2006~2023 <TOTENINE CO.,LTD.> PRESIDENT 2017~2023 HANYANG UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR fragrance in 1988 530x300x200 mm | copper, steel Hwang, Sun-wook KOREA | renerary@hanmail.net Assistant professor of Livingdesign, Konkuk University BFA Department of Craft at Kunkuk University MFA Department of Metalcraft at konkuk University Member of metal 3rd Member of Konkuk Metal Association 20

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A PATTERN-20230630-1 420x594 mm | paper Im, Hye-sook KOREA | imss0905@gmail.com Ewha Womans University, B.F.A Graduate School, Ewha Womans University, M.F.A Present: Professor, Kangwon National University connection 45x95x2 mm | silver, Turquoise, thread, beads Jang, Hyeon-jin KOREA | cellojd@naver.com Jewelry Designer at J.dean Ph.D.Candidate of Jewelry.Fashion Design, Hanyang University M.F.A Department of Metal Design , Hongik University Member of korean craft designer association Member of korea jewelry design association Lecturer Wonkwang Health Science University Lecturer Hanyang University 21

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A 2023-02 traces of memory 200x200x280 mm | clay Jang, Yong-man KOREA | jym830@hanmail.net Ph.D, Graduate School Kyung-Hee University. KOREA. 22 Times solo exhibition Les Meilleurs Produits Traditionnels del’artisanat Coreen, France. Invited by State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, Russia. Osaka Art and Craft Exhibition, JAPAN. Present : Ph.D / Professor, Department of Living Formative Arts Design, Sang-ji University, Wonju-si, Korea a dream whale 3600x1500 mm | a ceramic mural Jeon, Seo-young CHINA | xiwang1230@naver.com B.F.A. Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Major: Sculpture. M.F.A. Hanyang University, Major: Art Education. Ph D. Hanyang University, Major: Visual Communication Design. Adjunct Professor, Dept, Visual Communication Design, Coolege of Design, Hanyang University. 22

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Other trace 98x57x22 mm | 925silver, rock crystal, urethane Jeong, Ji-eun KOREA | jieun_jeong08@naver.com B.F.A. Department of Metal Craft at Wonkwang University M.F.A Department of Gem & Jewelry Design at Wonkwang University Ph.D Course, Department of Gem & Jewelry Design at Wonkwang University Lecturer Korea Polytechnics University, Wonkwang University calmmirror-V 450x200x620 mm | Zelkova, Mirror Jeoung, Gen-young KOREA | jgy6277@gwangju.ac.kr Professor, Department of Interior Design, Gwangju University Served Manager, Foundation Gwangju Design Center Recommended designer, Korea Design Exhibition, KIDP Individual exhibition 3rd, Gwangju Korea, Philadelphia USA Regular member, Korean Fine Arts Association Regular member, The Korean Society of Design Culture Regular member, Korean Crafts Council 23

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Talisman 2 70x18x22 mm | Wood, resin, Sterling silver, prickly pear, leather cord, elastic band, steel wire Joani Groenewald SOUTH AFRICA | joani@sun.ac.za 2019 - Current: Completing a Bi-Lateral PhD in Visual Arts and Jewellery and Object Design at Stellenbosch University and Hasselt University/PXL MAD. 2015: Master’s in visual arts at Stellenbosch University MA(VA) Cum laude 2016-Current: Stellenbosch University (Lecturer) – Full Time 2014-2016: Stellenbosch University (Jewellery junior lecturer) - Full Time 2012-2014: Stellenbosch University: Part time lecturer in Creative Jewellery and Metal Design In Memoriam 65x41x10 & 45x36x17 mm | Copper, photography, glass, sandstone, pearls, silk thread, stainless steel Kamile Staneliene LITHUANIA | latajuvelyrika@gmail.com 2012-2017 Baccalaureate Metal art and Jewelry, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania. 2005-2012 Prienai School of Arts, Lithuania. 2022 Member of the Union of Lithuanian Artists 2020 De terra, “Balta“ gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania. 2015 Unwritten letters, The Museum of Prienai Region, Prienai, Lithuania. 2014 Silver summer, “Uzupis“ gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2022 Nomination in the Jewelry category, Amber Trip awards, Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania. 24

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A 2023-01 420x590 mm | paper Kang, Bong-im KOREA | 9715116@hanmail.net B.F.A. Department of Industrial Art, Chosun University. M.F.A. Graduate School, Chosun University. Major : Industrial Art Ph D. Graduate School, Chosun University. Major : Architectur engineering Present : Professor, Department of Architectur Engineering, Songwon University. evidence 420x594 mm | digital printing Kang, Sung-wook KOREA | sungstyle@yuhan.ac.kr Assistant Professor of Fashion Design at Yuhan University ‘INTERMEZZO’ MD Team Leader ‘LONDON FOG’ MD Team Leader 2019 Invited Summer International Design Exhibition of The Korea Society of Design Culture at Yersin Dalat University, Vetnam 2019 Invited Winter International Design Exhibition of The Korea Society of Design Culture at Chiba University, Japan 2019 KCDA-Invited International Craft Design Exhibition at KM ART Center Gallery, U.S.A 2022 KCDA-Invited International Craft Design Exhibition at Downtown Art Center, U.S.A 25

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Table knife (goby) 225x42x3 mm | nickel silver Kanno Yasushi JAPAN | kanno@nagaoka-id.ac.jp Professor, Nagaoka Institute of Design Part-time instructor at Saga University 1989 M.F.A. in Metal Carving, Tokyo University of the Arts 2005 22th Tansuiou prize 2014 International Jewelry Design Contest. (13,16,17 th) 2015 Solo Exhibition. Fashion Jewelry Town. Daegu BRACELET. Ref: BR01 64x65x12x8 mm | Sterling silver, enamels and coral, Hand made filigree Karim Oukid SPAIN | arteyanibis@yahoo.es Jewelry Designer 26

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Falling (ME) lanin No.1 350x750x400 mm | Bio Melanin Fiber and Bronze Khajornsak Nakpan THAILAND | khajornsaknakpan@gmail.com 2018 - 2021 Doctor of Philosophy (Program in Design) The Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand 2001 - 1999 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Poh-Chang Academy of Arts, Bangkok, Thailand 06102023 400x600 mm | d.t.p Kil, Tae-yun KOREA | kilty@cu.ac.kr B.F.A / M.F.A Hong ik University Ph.D.course Kyoto University of art & design Participated in several group exhibition A president prize of minister of commerce, industry & energy of korea industrial design exhibition Grand prize of chung ju artistic craft culture products competition Chairman prize of the Korea textile design association Professor/ Dept. of fashion design at Daegu Catholic Univ. 27

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A WAVE 500x400x30 mm | saegdongmog Kim, Dong-gwi KOREA | kd6321@hanmail.net National Craft Contest, won the Grand Prize Korean Grand Art Contest, won the Excellent piece Won the Chairman Prize of Korean Craftsman Association Gyeongnam intangible cultural asset heritage joiner No29 Woodworking Institude Woong-suk Gong-bang, Reprsenative Professor Emeritus, Department of Interior Material Engineering, in Kyungsang National University spring 30x50x20 mm | Silver, Labradorite Kim, Dong-yeon KOREA | yeonny0705@hanmail.net Hankyoung National University, Ph.D. Department of Art Jewelry and Gemology M,F.A Graduate School of Hongik University, Korea GIA(G.G) A Member of Korea Craft Association A Member of Hongic Metal Art Association A Member of Korea Craft Culture Art Promotion Association A Member of Korea Craft Culture Art Association A Member of Korea Craft Design Association 28

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A The Trace 100x100x160 mm | Porcelain clay Kim, Hee-gyun KOREA | guniya@hanmail.net PhD, Deartment of Design at Sangmyung University 21 times Solo Exhibition KSCS International Invitation Exhibition of Color Works China, Korea and Japan Ceramic Design Exchange Exhibition ASIA NETWORK BEYOND DESIGN Present, Professor. Ceramic Design, College of Design, Sangmyung University “Light of Life X” 700x150x150 mm | Glass Kim, Hye-young KOREA | hykim@dst.ac.kr Ph.D. in Glass, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tama Art University, Japan (2005) Inviting Author, Korean-Japanese Glass Design Workshop: Glass With Ceramic. Icheon Serapia Creative Studio. Korea (2013) Invited Lecture, Niijima International Glass Art Festival Workshop. Japan (2008) Invited Demonstration Speaker at NAMSEOUL INTERNATIONAL Glass Workshop (Namseoul University) (2006) Invited Lecture, G.A.S (Glass Art Society) Conference. Japan (1998) Professor in Beauty Design Dept., Daejeon University of Science and Technology 29

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A elina.k. Clam Bag III 180x40x220 mm | Felt(DTP), Leather, Metal Accessories Kim, Hyung-joo KOREA | elinakim@yuhan.ac.kr (BA, MA) Ewha Womans University, majoring in Textile Design (MA) Goldsmiths, University of London, UK, Department of Design (PhD) Hanyang University, majoring in Textile and Fashion Design The 7th International Solo Exhibition ‘New Look’ (Chelsea Gallery, UK) Korea International Design Award / Head of an Organization Award Present) Assistant Professor, Yuhan University Department of Fashion 23-5-4 wallpaper design 380x270 mm Kim, Joo-yeon KOREA | 45i@naver.com Adjunct professor, Department of Jewelry & Fashion Design at Hanyang University Lecturer, College of Arts, Seokyeong University Deputy general Manager, Planning Dept., Haewoo GLS,. Co. 2017 4th Solo Exhibition, U.S.A. 2016 3rd Solo Exhibition, U.S.A. 30

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A DW0607 20x10x32 mm | Silver Kim, Jun-hyeop KOREA | artjewelry@kongju.ac.kr Professor, Dept. of Precious Metal & Jewel Design, Kongju National University B.F.A. Metal Art and Design at Hong ik University M.F.A. Metal Art and Design at Hong ik University Master of Design at Dundee University in UK Ph.D Metal Art and Design at Hong ik University 7 times of Solo Exhibitions Norwegian Wood 420x594 mm | Polyvinyl Chloride Kim, Min-kyoung KOREA | minkim@gwangju.ac.kr Present) Assistant Professor, Dept. of Interior Design, GwangJu University Ph.D. in Design, Construction and Planning, University of Florida, USA M.Des./B.Des. in Interior Design, College of Design, Inje University Committee Member, Korea Institute of Interior Design Visiting Professor, College of Environmental Design, Hebei GEO University, China Grand Prize, Venture Competition, Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Startups 31

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Freeform 19x70x5 mm | silver 925 Kim, Moon-bae KOREA | artcam@hanafos.com B.F.A. Department of Metal Art & Design at Seoul National University of Science & Technology M.F.A. Department of Metal Art & Design at Seoul National University of Science & Technology Ph.D. ABD., Department of Design at Chung-Ang University One Person Exhibition (4 times) Plural Professor, Department of Jewelry Desgin at Induk University Bomdong is full of love 250x215x65, 115x95x55 mm | Ceramics Kim, Na-young KOREA | omo-studi5@naver.com Graduated from Korea Polytechnic Department of Industrial Design OMO CEO Participate in Incheon International Design Fair 2022 Korea Polytechnic University Design Encouragement Award 32

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A For the Precious 420x590 mm | Polyester Kim, Sung-min KOREA | 99549155@hanmail.net The London Institute, Central Saint Martins, MA Academy of Art College, MFA 28 Times solo exhibitions in Seoul, Daegu, LA, LondonOver 300Times Group Exhibitions Present: Dean / College of Design & Fine Arts. Mokwon University silver aspen tree and indigo circumference 250 mm | dye Kim, Yoon-hee KOREA | kyh9599@hanmail.net Department of Industrial Design, Hanlyo University, Gwangyang (Mar1999-Feb 2003) : Professor Department of Design, College of Fine Arts, Chosun University, Gwangju (Jan 2004 -Sep 2012) : Adjunct Professor Entry and Planning, Taiwan Design Expo Exhibition Participation, Gwangju International Art Fair Exhibition Culture and Education Division in Natural Dyeing Culture Center, Naju (Sep 2006-Present) : Team leader 33

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Berries on the Hill Teapot and warmer 150x150x130, 200x200x180 mm | fine silver, sterling silver, string Kim, Young-ock KOREA | yokim@hongik.ac.kr Department of Metal Crafts at HongIk University, B.F.A. Department of Metal Crafts at HongIk University, M.F.A Deartment of Metal Smithing & Jewelry Design at Tylor School of Art, Temple University, M.F.A. Department of Metal Design at HanYang University, Ph.D. Over 15 Solo Exhibitions Over 200 Invitational and Group Exhibitions Present - Professor, College of Fine Art, Hongik University, Seoul Amber_earrings Kinga Sulej POLAND | kinga.k.sulej@gmail.com Kinga Sulej lives in a village in central Poland, where she created her label Mimikra, inspired by biology and the natural world surrounding her home. She studied silversmithing at Wytwornia Antidotum in Warsaw, Poland, and is a member of the Polish silver- and goldsmithing association STFZ and the International Amber Association. 34

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A peacock brooch 40x20x80 mm | Lapis Lazuli, Silver, Felt Kwak, Seong-hee KOREA | mmkk1235@naver.com M. A Studio Art, New York University, New York City. U.S.A B. F. A Applied Art, Ewha Womans University. Present, Professor, Fashion & Textile Dept. Myong Ji College Solo Exhibitions 2016 EAC Gallery (Seoul. Korea) 2013 Gallery CUM (Seoul. Korea) 2012 LEE YOUNG HEE Museum (New York, USA) 2011 Gallery Only (Seoul. Korea) 2010 SADI Space Window Gallery (Seoul. Korea) 1995 Washington Square East Gallery (New York, USA) jewel box 70x70x70 mm | brass, silver Kwak, Tae-hyeuk KOREA | joanes@hanmail.net Professor, Department of Digital Industrial Design Induk University Graduated from Chung Ang University Graduate School of Design [Ph D.] Invited Designer, Ministry of Korea Commerce and Industrial of Design Award 35

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Plate of 23 150x150x50 mm | Porcelain, Zinc crystalline glaze Lee, Chi-youn KOREA | clee@hywoman.ac.kr Alfred University / New York state ceramic colledge B.F.A. Graduate school of education-Han Yang University M.A. Graduate school of material sceience-Myung Ji University Ph.D Present : Professor at Han yang Womens Univerity core-2023-4 200x200x85 mm | silver, wood Lee, Da-hye KOREA | stomy@silla.ac.kr Professor, Dept. of Precious Metals and Jewel Design at Silla University B.F.A. Department of Metal Art and Design at Silla University M.F.A. Department of Metal Art and Design at Silla University 6 times of Solo Exhibitions 36

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A The original form of nature - 2301 420x594 mm | sheepskin, thread Lee, Dong-youl KOREA | dong@cau.ac.kr Professor, School of Design, College of Arts, Chung-Ang University Honorary Chairman, Korea Textile Design Association Vice Chairman, Korea Crafts Council Cube 500x500 mm | Digital Printing Lee, Geon-man KOREA | leegeonman@gmail.com Hongik University’s Graduate School of Industrial Art Professor USA Cranbrook Academy of Art (MFA) 2004 Presidential Award for National Culture - Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 2017 Minister of SMEs and Startups Award and selection of GOOD multi-design products - Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 37

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Journey23 50x50x10 mm | 925silver, Mixed media Lee, Hye-jin KOREA | wlsdl1893@gmail.com Adjunct Professor, Department of jewelry&Fashion Design at Hanyang 43th KCDA Invited International Exhibition in CANADA ‘Korean Community Center’ 49th KIDP-Korea Design Exhibition `Korea International Trade Association Award’ 17th WPAE-World Peace Art ‘Grand Prize’ Optical Illusion 45x5x70 mm | Sterling Silver Lee, Hyung-kyu KOREA | lhk418@daum.net Professor, Hanyang University / Chairman, Korea Craft Designer Association Ph.D., Graduate School of Myounggi University, Korea. M.F.A., Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, U.S.A. Montgomery College, Maryland. U.S.A. B.F.A.,M.F.A., Hanyang University, Korea. 11th Invited Solo Exhibitions About 300 national & international group exhibitions in many countries. 38

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A FROM THE MOON 500x540x540 mm | clay of porcelain Lee, Jeom-chan KOREA | doja61@hanmail.net Hongik University Graduate School · Daegu Catholic University, Ph. D. in Art 19 solo exhibitions, 540 group exhibitions Korea Crafts Competition Operating Committee and Deliberation Committee Member Daegu Crafts Competition Operation and Deliberation Committee Member, Invited Artist Daegu Industrial Design Exhibition Operation and Deliberation Committee Member, Invited Artist Vice President of Korean Fine Arts Association President of Daegu Fine Arts Association Present, Professor of Design Faculty, Kyungil University DAEGU-GREEN 320x380 mm | Cotton, Digital Textile Print Lee, Jong-boon KOREA | ari811@hanmail.net B.F.A. Department of Arts Education at Hanyang University M.F.A. Department of Applied Arts at Hanyang University 2nd Solo Exhibition Over 200th Group Exhibition Joongbu University adjunct professor Lecturer at Sangji University, Seoul Cyber University 39

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Circle 1- N - 301 92x10x67 mm | Silver, Pt Plating, Polymerclay Lee, Jung-eun KOREA | diamond0715@induk.ac.kr Professor / Dept.of jewelry Design at Induk University B.F.A. Metal Craft at Seoul National University M.F.A. Industrial Craft & Jewelry Design at Dankook University GIA G.G Dizzy Jeju Island – Haenyeo, Dolphin 360x340x270 mm | Copper, Nickel - Electric forming. Lee, Kwang-jin KOREA | metal2222@naver.com Solo Exhibition 1985 -The Inspiration of Jeju (Seoul. Korea) 2002 -The Objects from The Sea (S.D.S.U. U.S.A) 2012 - Form & Foam (Jeju. Korea) 2017 - The window on the covered with frost (Jeju. Korea) 2019 – Sheet-metal & Electric-forrming (Jeju. Korea) 2021 – Naturally (Jeju. Korea) World Design Congresses (U.S. IDEA, the German Red Dot Design Awards) Professor: Culture & Formative Design, Industrial Design Department of Art & Design College, Jeju National University. 40

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A - trace - 505x95x20 mm | persimmon tree Lee, Kwan-seop KOREA | kl554@daum.net 2008-2012 Professor, Traditional Culture Training Institute, Korea National University of Cultural Heritage 2015-2023 Judge, Buddhist Art Exhibition (Chongmuwon for Cheontae Order of Korean Buddhism) 1993-2023 Awarded 5 times for personal exhibition, more than 49 times for group exhibition. Regular member of Korea craftsmen association Regular member of Korea Art Association Representative of Mokchil Cultural Institute Aesthetics of nature 2023 460x600 mm | silk Lee, Mi-kyung KOREA | lmksje@naver.com Ph.D. in Fashion Design major from Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea 26 times Invitational Solo Exhibitions (Germany, Austria, Netherland, Seoul,) Creative Director of H-plus Textile Design Company, Seoul, Korea Lecturer, The Korean National University of Culture Heritage 41

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Breeze 20x10x20 mm | White gold, Citrine Lee, Min-kyoung KOREA | ring2451@hanmail.net M.F.A. Department of Industry Arts at Wonkwang University Ph.D. Department of Jewelry Engineering at Dongshin University Committee Member, Korean Association of Gem and Jewelry Committee Member, Korea Decorative and Cultural Art Promoting Association Adviser, Human Resources Development Service of Korea Presently: Ph.D./ Professor, Dept. of Jewelry and Gemology Hankyoung National University Flower vase 130x130x250 mm | ceramic soil Lim, Bok-sil KOREA | boksillim@hanmail.net 2015~ Participating artist in Asia Ceramic Camp 2016.7 The 30th Choonhyang Grand Art Exhibition, Grand Prize in Crafts 2017~ Participating artist in Korea Ceramic Design (KCDA) Association 2021~ Invited artist in Choonhyang Art Exhibition 2022.2 Kunsan University, PhD program completed in Formative Art Design The Owner of DOJA LAND (Ceramic Studio) 42

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Deformation stone pagoda paperweight 100x100x25 mm | Brass Lim, Byeong-deok KOREA | treebd@empas.com Lectures at Seoul National University of Science and Technology Lectures at Gongju University Lectures at Gyeonggi University Lectures at Sungshin Women’s University JBM Scholarship Foundation Lectures Currently lecturing at Hongik University, Dankook University In the Beginning 4 90x10x67 mm | Soil from the artist garden, Iron, enamel, epoxy, pigments Lorena Lazard MEXICO | lorenalazard33@gmail.com Lorena Lazard is a Mexican artist. She holds a master degree in Sociology and later on studies art in the USA. She is the creator of the school “Atelier Lazard”. And is the coordinator of the Contemporary Jewelry program at the University Centro in Mexico City. In 2018 she was granted second place at the Latin American Biennale of Contemporary Jewelry in Argentina. And in 2021 won third price on the competition FIO at the Alice Floriano Gallery in Brazil and was finalist on the exhibition Enjoia’t at the Design Museum in Barcelona. 43

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Blue Agate Bracelet 101x101x7 mm | Porcelain, glass, glaze, grog Marion Delarue FRANCE Jewelry Artist Bling & Bloom Recycled Swarovski crystals, flowers and fabrics vacuum sealed within recyclable plastic pouches, recycled plastic chains, hand-made gold plated clasps Matilde Mozzanega UNITED KINGDOM | matilde.mozzanega@gmail.com Central Saint Martins BA Jewellery Alumni Jewellery maker, designer and sustainability coordinator 44

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Repeated generation 23 270x70x250 mm | Porcelain clay, 1250˚ Glaze Moon, Eun-A KOREA | eamn005@induk.ac.kr Ohio State University (M.F.A) Seoul Women’s University (B.F.A) Officer of KSBDA (Korea Society of Basic Design & Art) Professor of Living Ceramic Design at Induk University Flower Boutonnière #3 95x35x50 mm | Sterling Silver, Mirror Stainless Steel Nam, You-jin KOREA | yjnam5192@gmail.com Ph.D. Candidate, Metal Art and Design, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea MA Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery, Royal College of Art, London, UK BFA Metal Art and Design, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea 2023 The Beauty of Korea & The Beauty of Craft, Yongsan Art&Craft Center, Seoul, Korea 2022 Get Over - Invitational Exhibition, Iksan Jewelry Museum, Iksan, Korea 2021 Virtual for Tangible, Kcdf Gallery, Seoul, Korea (Solo Exhibition) Lecturer, Dongduk Women’s University / Designer, Daewoo Appliance 45

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A squares and circles 15~30x15~30x15~30 mm | nephrite Niu ChenXu CHINA | newqingerwuyu72@163.com MA in Ethnic Art and Design at Yunnan Arts University, China PhD candidate in Jewelry·Fashion Design at Hanyang University, South Korea 2016-2017 a designer at Yunnan Aoke Creative Agency, China 2018-2019 a designer and jade engraver at Yunnan Jade and Jewelry Studio, China Many of his works have been exhibited and collected permanently by the Cultural Corridor of the House of Literature and Art in Yunnan, China Express nature 200x200x250 mm | Celadon glaze white ceramic Oh, Bok-sik KOREA | designer6114@hanmail.net Professor of industrial design Korea Polytechnic Colleges Member of the Korean Craftsmen,s Association, Korean Craftsmen,s Designer Association, Korean Photographer Association, Korean Association of industrial designers Possession of Work Yanggu Culture Art Hall Appearance Broadcasting MBC-TV Ceramic Creftsmen Participation in the International Exhibition of Canadian Pottery Private exhibition & group, Operation of pottery workshop 46

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A In Solidarity - Brooch 92x39x80 mm | Rhodium and gold-plated Brass Pallavi Verma INDIA | pallavivermadesigns@gmail.com Coming from a background of traditional Indian goldsmiths, Pallavi moved to Europe at the age of 19 to pursue a BA & MA Degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in Jewellery Design & Gold and Silver Smithing. Pallavi’s work involves personal experiences from both eastern and western culture. Jewellery for her is about hidden revelations, the exploration of boundaries, emotions and identities. Her work aims to take jewellery beyond expectations by creating interactive pieces, through which she tries to involve or touch the wearer and the observer physically and psychologically. BREAD AND ONION.1 50x5x700 mm | Three necklaces, silver, acrylic, rubber, bread and onion Pamela de la Fuente CHILE | pamela@pameladelafuente.cl Creator of the School that has her name, founder of the first Chilean Association of Contemporary Jewellers JoyaBrava, being the President of it during 2010-14 and Vice-President of it during 2022-24. 47

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A BOUQUET 400x300x1200 mm | Fabric-Muslin, Organza, Tulle Park, Eun-joo KOREA | ejoopk@yuhan.ac.kr (BA) Yonsei University, Department of Clothing and Textile (MA, PhD) Yonsei University Graduate School Chairman, Textile Design Education Subcommittee, Korea Textile Design Association 2007 Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Heimtextil 2013 Director of the Korean Society of Design and Culture Present) Professor, Yuhan University Department of Fashion 2023_sunrise 25x25x10 mm | 925 Silver, C.Z Park, Jeong-cheol KOREA | avec0124@naver.com Ph.D. of Jewelry Design, Graduate School of General Studies, Wonkwang University. The invited artist of the Jeollabukdo Art Association. Director of AllGem Inc. Director of the Iksan Jewelry Cooperative. 48

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Dream come true -2023 300x300x300 mm | White Porclain Park, Kyoung-woo KOREA | kwpark@kunsan.ac.kr Diploma, National Institue of Ceramiche Faenza , Italy CD, National University Junbuk department of Manegement 15th Personal Exhibition Invited Exhibition CLAY ARCH Museum Present, Professor Kunsan Natinal University MLT-23.TX 420x594 mm | Silk, DTP Park, Sang-oh KOREA | parkso@yu.ac.kr Professor, Yeungnam University Ph.D. Hanyang University 8 times Invitational Solo Exhibitions Director, Korea Craft Designer Association Director, Next Generation R&D Technology Policy Institute CEO, Texprinting The Minister Award, The 40th, 41th Korea Design Exhibition 49

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Mixed Element and Scene 420x594 mm | mixed media Park, So-hyoung KOREA | sohy@cau.kr 23 times of Solo Exhibition, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, New York SOFA, OIDFA, Netherland Design Messe, Germany and Other Numerous Invitation & Group Exhibition Flower 350x250x250 mm | Clay Park, Song-mi KOREA | psm6657@naver.com Kunsan Graduate school (doctoral course) of Plastic Arts and Design in pottery Department of Ceramic art, Graduate School of Ewha Woman University Exhibitions (Invitation and Group Exhibitions) Winner of Grand Prize at the 34th Grand Art Exhibition of Chunhyang Special Selection at the 40th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea (Division: Design · Modern Craft part) Namwon Asian Ceramic Art Camp Steering Committee & Judge Namwon civil college of Ceramic Art (Chief Lecturer) A Representative of the Pottery Land 50

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A a consonant earring 3x15x60 mm | Silver 925, Emerald, enamel Park, Yang-hwa KOREA | oreum705@naver.com Recommended author of the design exhibition in Korea Prime Minister’s Commendation for Design Achievement at the Korea Design Awards The Prime Minister’s Award for the Craft category of the Korea Design Exhibition The Seoul Metropolitan Council President’s Award for Design of the Korea Art Exhibition High Seoul Excellent Product Brand Award Award Idea category 43 points CEO of Oreum Art Gem Design Research Institute Worthy of a Queen - A real Princess 30x20x50 mm | 18 ct yellow gold, 2 x emeralds and Alpine Quartz Rikke Lunnemann DENMARK | rikke@lunnemann.eu 2004-15 Holts London: Precious Platinum, Setting & Mounting, Tricks of the Trade 2001-04 The City Literary Institute, London, UK City & Guilds 7922, Level3 Cert Jewellery & Design & Craft 2021 ‘Tincal Lab Challenge - Jewelry and Nature’, Porto, Portugal 2020 ‘Painful Hope’, Alliages, Lille, France and Lalabeyou, Spain 2020 ’Jewels of the Ocean’, Fjord Bælt, Denmark 51

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Color made 120x10x15 mm | 925Silver, Onyx, Pencil Seo, Ai-ran KOREA | seoairan61@nate.com B.F.A. Department of Metal Art and Design, Hongik University, Seoul M.F.A. Department of Metal Design, Hongik University, Seoul Ph.D. Department of IT Design Program Cultural Product Design, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul Present: Professor, Metal Jewelry Brand Design, Hongik University Chairman, Korea Jewelry Design Association Expert Adviser, the Gemmologists Association of Korea CEO, TRESOR jewelry Design AG (Authorized Gemologist) - Korea MYCROWN® TILES RINGS 16.5~65x15x18 mm | 18k gold, Natural diamonds Shin, Gi-eun KOREA | mycrownjewellery@gmail.com <MYCROWN JEWELLERY & DESIGN> President and Chief maker of jewellery, Appraisers and Product Designers (2017-2022). Chairman of Academic Subcommittee in Korean Gem Trade Association (KGTA). Book “The Crown of My Life, My Crown Jewellery”(2020). Diamond Appraisal, Head Researcher, Wooshin Gemological Institute of Korea, Research on diamonds, pearls and colored gems (2013-2017). The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), The Gem-A Gemmology Foundation Course Pass (2013). Geological Rock and Minerals Major, Master of Science, Graduate School of Korea University, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (2012). Republic of Korea National qualification Gemologist (2008) 52

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A 2021 brooch 07 48x48x18 mm | 925 silver, thread Shin, Hee-kyung KOREA | hkeye4@naver.com D.F.A., M.F.A., B.F.A. Seoul National University Solo Exhibition 2018 The Maze 2015 The Scene of Personal Fable 2009 There are stones 2008 There is 2007 Breathe Present: Professor, SoongEui Women’s College, Seoul Wind 18x23x60 mm | 925 Silver, Gold-foil Shin, Jung-hei KOREA | sjh4ever79@naver.com M.F.A. Department of Metal Design at Hanyang University Ph.D. Department of Metal Design at Hanyang University 5th Solo Exhibition Over 600th Group Exhibition Grand Prize, 2010 G-Design Fair Assistant Professor, Department of Jewelry Design at Soongeui Women’s College. 53

I n v i t e d I n t e r n a t i o n a l E x h i b i t i o n i n C A N A D A Jeju Scenery-Wind in the Oreum 594x420 mm | Silk, Persimmon dyeing, Ecoprinting Song, Eun-sil KOREA | eunsilsong@hanmail.net BFA Department of Industrial design at Jeju National University MFA Department of Textile Design at Sookmyung Women’s University PhD Department of Visual Art at Sookmyung Women’s University 21Times Solo Exhibition about 250 times of Domestic and Foreign team Exhibition Lecturer, Department of Convergence Design, College of Art and Design, Jeju National University UNTITLED 900x900 mm | graphite powder on Korean paper, hand cut Song, Gyae-young KOREA | chowchow65@yahoo.com Cranbrook Academy of Arts Fiber Art M.F.A Seoul Women’s University, Craft Art B.F.A 20 Times Solo exhibitions and numerous home & abroad exhibitions Professor, Creative Design & Materials Studies Department, School of Arts, ChungNam National University 54